Vote Shirin Brown

Waiheke’s sustainable future


My Vision for Waiheke Island

1. Protecting and preserving Waiheke’s unique qualities  by ensuring that we remain a safe, clean and green island with a strong sense of community.

2. Managing tourism, development and growth sustainably so that we ensure our long term future as an island.

3. Shopping and living as locally as possible – supporting local businesses and community initiatives which engage people in a range activity as close to their homes as possible to ensure we have a vibrant local economy.

4. Ensuring diversity by working towards facilities and resources to cater for people at all stages of life – from providing birthing choices, through affordable housing, to adequate facilities for the elderly.

5. Putting community at the heart of decision-making and using art and humour as a way to engage people in the democratic process so that decisions are made with the broadest possible understanding of issues.

6. Commitment to New Zealand as a bicultural and multicultural society and enacting Treaty principles in the way I work.

7. Creating positive opportunities for people of all ages, and particularly youth to engage with community events, sports and artistic events.

8. Building a resilient future where the island develops food and energy security and looks after its water resources .

I am committed to working with whoever is elected to represent the diverse people and groups in our community and to advocate on Waiheke’s behalf with Auckland Council and the council controlled organisations so that we remain the Jewel in Auckland’s crown.

I am a member of the Green Party which is a reflection of my values. However, I am running as a community independent candidate to represent the interests of the people, land and sea that makes up the Inner Gulf.

Key Policy and Initiatives

  • Investigating the opportunity for a visitor levy to manage the infrastructure we need for the island.
  • Supporting small business and social enterprise development for meaningful work opportunities.
  • Understanding and mitigating the effects of free trade agreements like the TPPA on local communities by encouraging local procurement of government contracts.
  • Improving transport choices and safety so we can keep people safe while promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Addressing accommodation issues on the island particularly around affordable housing and improving living conditions.
  • Working for greater visibility of culture and the arts so we are seen as an island of art.
  • Ensuring that Waiheke remains Kauri Dieback free as Waiheke gets increasing pressure on its track network.
  • Working towards a pest free Waiheke where the bush and urban environments support a diversity of native species.
  • Developing food, transport and energy security which recognises that as an island we need to work towards resilence and and self-sufficiency.
  • Kaitiakitangi of the Inner Gulf and its people land and sea resources, particularly in the use of public space and its management.
  • Is anyone actually reading this?  If so I’d love to hear from you by email or on facebook.
  • Working inclusively and transparently with the Board so we get great outcomes for Waiheke and the Inner Gulf.
  • Building strong relationships with key stakeholders including Mana Whenua, Auckland Council and the Governing Body, and CCOs.