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Waiheke’s sustainable future


Get involved

Below are some of the ways you can get involved.  Email with how you’d like to help (see ideas below).

Shirin at Waiheke Marke


All donations gratefully received and accounted for. Campaign funds go towards billboards, and mounting these, and advertising costs.

  • Amounts still left at the end will be donated to the Budgeting Service foodbank fund.
  • Bank account details Name: S D BROWN Account Number: 12-3114-0137674-01
  • If you’d like your donation to be tagged to something special please reference it and send an email to


Come to a fundraiser near you!!!!

Alice Behind Closed Doors Full poster

A gentle bit of fun for anyone who’s had any dealings with local government – either on Waiheke or elsewhere – but not to be taken seriously (or to heart).

Scene 1:  Alice in Committee – making plans with the Board

Scene 2:  Alice at the dog bylaw hearings.

Scene 3:  Alice catches up with Auckland Transport.

Coming soon… the names of the local talent involved.

Stay in touch with the campaign

  • Subscribe to the email list and stay in touch with the campaign.
  • Join or follow the campaign on Facebook. Feel free to comment and ask questions.
  • Send questions and comments through the contact page.
  • Come out for drinks on a Thursday – event announced on Shirin Brown for Local Board (Facebook).

Leafleting (It would be great to have some company if anyone is up for it)!

  • Oneroa, at the market, schools, the ferry, events.Turn up, give out some info, smile a lot.

Phoning  This would be really helpful! There’s a script and once you’ve done a few it’s easy.                                                       [Realistically unlikely to happen, but sounds like a great idea from campaigning 101].

  • First round: Calling the voters, making sure they’re registered to vote, mentioning my name.
  • Second round: Making sure they’ve voted.

Help with billboard/Signs/Advertising costs … tag your donation to the following

  • $50 to host a black and white laminated sign on your fence or pay for someone else to have one  OR
  • Get permission to host a fence site and email with the phone details and location.
  • $60-100 sponsor an advert in the Gulf News or the Marketplace
  • $300 sponsor an existing billboard

All ideas welcome!!!

  • Have an idea of your own for a fundraiser or even a fun raiser that might not raise funds but brings people together?
  • Have you got the time to help pull it off?   Happy to discuss any great ideas.